The Pure Nature

In today’s world, all you usually see is man made objects. There is a small amount of people who actually consider the real world and nature. Now a days, phones are the number one thing on people’s mind. Yet, did it ever occur to you that without the true nature, you wouldn’t have phones, computers, or life at all? The animals, plants, oceans, lakes, rivers, and etc. are all forgotten and are rarely being acknowledged.

Although humans are apart of nature, our physical activity is commonly referred to as man made. We have made a continuous list of objects that are not apart of nature. Even though these tools are very useful, there is not much activity around the true nature. Does anyone now a days just sit outside and enjoy their surroundings? It is not as likely as someone sitting inside on their electronic devices, which is what I am doing as of this moment. Humans have discovered and created so many things that are very important, but we need to realize the original things in life.

We as humans own animals as pets, but they usually consist of cats and dogs. What about taking care of a pig or a cow? If we use their products, shouldn’t we take care of them as them being nature? They tend to help us, so we should return the favor and help out the animal nature. All animals are important no matter what, so they should be more valued overall for the better. All in all, nature is important and should be admired more than it is now.        Wallpaper-Nature-8B71

Our Country’s Popular Food Item

One food item that is very popular in my country, USA, is a hamburger. Hamburgers were founded in the 1880’s by Fletcher Davis when he had opened up a lunch counter. Americans eat about 50 billion hamburgers each year. There is also a Hamburger Hall of Fame located in Seymour, Wisconsin. Overall, hamburgers are known to be America’s number one food item. Here is also the sites I used to find my information:                          Unknown-1

Family Memories

427508_405344839522412_1224481506_n  This photo represents one of my favorite times with my family because it’s one of the few times we were all together in a cute photo. We all were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on a family vacation. Even though we love each other, it’s difficult to have special times like these. I love my family so much and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I have gained permission to post this photo and it is copyright to my family which means no one is allowed to post it without permission.

The Old Times

This is my dad’s grandma whose name is Hope. She played such an important role in both my life and of course my dad’s life. Hope took care of my dad more than his mother actually did. Even though I never was able to meet her, I feel like we were very similar and I loved her no matter what. She is an inspiration to me knowing what she has done.                                                   Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.50.23 PM

Understanding Images On EduBlog

By using images on my blog, I learned that uploading pictures can help get my post more in depth about what I am talking about. It can be fun to post pictures and all, but you have to make sure you are bing careful and letting others know that it is copyright plus they need to get permission and so on. Also, photos help to bring out the emotions in the blog post you are sharing. All in all, you have to be safe when posting photos even when they are very useful and fun.

Activity 3 Week 3

My mother’s grandfathers story told from my mother:

My grandfather Nicholas was in WW II where he fought and then became a Russian prisoner. He escaped after a short while of captivity. He was shot at but managed to escape. Through a series of events he ended up in a make shift hospital where his attending nurse was a German woman who had lost her husband in the war and the two fell in love. After they married they decided to flee with Molly’s two children and changed their names upon arrival in the US. They had three more children once settling in Nyssa, Oregon. He had many fascinating stories of his experiences during those times. I always loved to listen to him.                                                    world-war-2-wwii

New Widget

I chose the calendar widget mainly because it shows when the calendar of my site’s posts. Keeping track of my posts is important since it’s easier to go back and look at my old posts just in case. I’m not exactly sure how it all works, such as the widgets, but once I get the hang of it, I will be able to write more and be more detailed overall.

Halloween Header

To dress up my blog for Halloween, I changed my header. My new header is a few drawn kids trick or treating with a sunset in the back with creepy branches. I found this picture on Google, but I thought it was the most explained photo for Halloween. The main reason I chose this header was because it gained my attention for Halloween and was very amusing.

Halloween: Scary Story

Once upon a time, there was an abandoned, creepy house on the dead end of the street. Three children lived a couple houses down the street from the spooky house. Knowing these curious children, they went outside for an adventure. One of the three kids decided that they should take a walk over to the mysterious house. All of the other children agreed, then they all started to venture their way to the old house. The bravest kid stepped first up to the door step and rang the dirty doorbell. There was no answer. The kid tried to ring again, yet there was still no answer. They all figured that they might as well just walk right in, and so they did. As they walked in, they heard noises, not normal noises. All of them were frightened, and wanted to leave the vintage, spooky house. As they attempted to walk back out of the door, it slammed shut without any of them touching it. The three children began worrying restlessly. They turned back around to see an enormous, black shadow hovering over them. Ghosts, they thought. The children were correct. Ghosts began to grab their attention and bring them deeper into the haunted house. They realized there was no way out now. The parents became worried not seeing their children, but would’ve never guessed to go into the haunted house, and so they and no one else ever did.

Halloween Tradition

For Halloween, I usually go trick or treating with my friends around their neighborhood. Every year, something positive has come out of hanging out with my friends for Halloween. I usually don’t see my old friends now, so trick or treating this year helped me still stay close with all of them. The houses put on a great show for all of us every year for Halloween. Whether its just getting small amounts of candy or the king size, I always am having the best times during Halloween.